Terms of Service

Terms of MEEFF Service may establish the contents as follows to reflect the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
These terms and conditions between members and the Noyesrun Inc.( the "Company") are applied to the web site and mobile application so as called 'MEEFF' service. So Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you sign up to the service. The company can provide a full service only to members who agree to the terms below. MEEFF service is not available for the ones who do not accept them.

Article 1 Purpose
  The purpose of these terms and conditions is to set forth necessary things such as a process of 'sign up', rights and duties when members use it, and other obligations.

Article 2 Definition of Terms
  a. Members: The people who have the rights and obligations under the agreement by owning the account through the subscription process.
  b. Accounts: The unique identification letters based on Members' e-mail addresses to use the 'MEEFF' service.
    * The company's announcements and changes will be sent to the e-mail addresses which are used as the identification of the users, so disadvantage from false e-mail registration is entirely member's responsibility.
  c. Service : Service means that 'MEEFF' or 'MEEFF' related service that members can use regardless of the terminal(PC, TV, including various wired and wireless devices, such as portable terminal) and service type(website, mobile applications, etc.)
  d. E-mail confirmation: When Members sign up to 'MEEFF', the Company has the responsibility to confirm the information that is given. However, since the Company does not have any public power to prove it, it does not bear any legal liability for false or fraudulent information.

Article 3 Effectiveness of Terms and Conditions
  a. Time of effectiveness: At the same time the user sign up to the service it becomes effective. It may be amended to the extent that does not violate the relevant laws and regulations, which gets the validity by service announcements and e-mail.
  b. Members' agreement to these terms includes checking the changes of them by visiting 'MEEFF' website and mobile application.
  c. Members may request the termination and withdrawal from the 'MEEFF' if they do not agree to the amended terms. If members continue to use the service, they are considered to be the ones who agree.

Article 4 Rules beside the terms
  Details not specified in these Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Law on the Regulation of the agreement, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications and other relevant laws

Article 5 Membership sign up
  a. Those who want to be members should agree to 'Terms and Conditions' and finish email authentication process before they apply for membership by inputting basic information.
  b. The information members submit is considered to be correct. If the company finds the false information or any reasons to be suspected of stealing another person's information, it can require the submission of documents for proving and clarifications. When it is confirmed to be wrong, 'MEEFF' can deprive the members of their rights and prohibit them from using the service. The company also is not responsible for all disadvantages out of it.
  c. The company can grade extent of service by members in accordance with reasonable criteria such as an intensity of usage, and access way to the service. Members may be also restricted by the above clauses.
  d. The company can withhold or deny accepting members who apply membership to the service by the way describing in 'a' clause when they fit to the below 6 cases.
    1. Those who once used other person's names or pictures and have experience to submit false information
    2. Those who once lost 'MEEFF' membership by violating the relevant laws and regulations regarding the terms and conditions of 'MEEFF' service
    3. Those who have harmed traditional custom.
    4. Those who have intention to seek profit by joining the 'MEEFF'.
    5. Those who are not able to make decisions by themselves. (an incompetent or quasi-incompetent)
    6. When the company have other reasons to be difficult to accept the membership ** Revised "Social Security Act" can impose less than 10 million won fine or less than three years of imprisonment to someone who used Social Security number illegally. Relevant law: Resident Registration Act Article 37 (penalties) of Article 10 (Effective Date 2009.04.01)
  e. The time of establishing membership contract is when the consent form from the company reaches out to the members

Article 6 Monitoring of Members
  a. 'MEEFF' provides service to members who have completed the e-mail confirmation. Thus, the members without finishing the process are considered to be in the preparation status for getting full service and they only can use limited one. The company will offer various ways of help to get through the authentication process.
  b. The profile will be monitored and can be modified or deleted by the person who is in charge for the purpose of management
  c. The company can edit or delete the nick name of users in below cases.
    1) If there is concern to release personal information, 2) If it is anti social or anti traditional custom, 3) If it is likely to be mistaken for the company and the company's manager, 4) If there is incorrect input due to the problems in writing process 

Article 7 Scope of Service
  a. At the moment, service from 'MEEFF' is free. However, the company can charge for premium service when it is created.
  b. Members who signed up properly can get introduction of others who meets their search criteria for free.
  c. The service will be on for 24/7
  d. The company may request an amendment and supplement of members' profile for improving quality of service and the members with inappropriate ones can be restricted to use the service by the Company's internal rules.
  e. The company can request the identity authentication to confirm the profiles that members input. Members can file the formal verification documents that are confirmed by the company or they can go through the process of reaffirming the information. The company can charge the members the verification cost, if there is any. After it is done, personal information should be up to date by the members themselves, and any problems or financial losses caused by incorrect information will be members' responsibility
  f. The 'MEEFF' service provided by the company is ranged from profile view to chatting function offered by its website and mobile application.
  g. Things between members happened through 'MEEFF' ( connection or meeting ) are their own responsibility. So, discretion is advised when they decide to contact or meet each other. 
  h. The company is running 'Report Menu' for filtering the members who abuse the service. In 'g' clause, it is said that the company is not responsible for any result from the meeting between members, but once complaint is filed, and if it is considered to be causing another problem in the futures, the company can deal with the member by deleting the account or following legal procedure.

Article 8 Payment, refund, and payment cancellation
  a. The Member may use the premium services via various payment methods provided by the Company. In case the transaction is processed abnormally and a request is made for a normal processing of the transaction, the Company shall be responsible for the normal completion of the Member's payment transaction.
  b. The Company reserves the right to cancel or restrict the refund of credit top-ups or payments done through means that are illegal or prohibited by the Company.
  c. If one of the followings apply to a member, in accordance with the provisions of clause D, he may have his payment cancelled, get a refund or compensation from the company.
    1. Even after payment has been made, no service is available and if this problem is absolutely ascribable to the company (excluding, however, when the problem occurred due to inevitable causes such as regular system checkup)
    2. When payment has been made twice due to a system error in the company or its payment agency
    3. When the company, due to its fault such as interruption of service, notifies cancelation to a member
    4. Any other cases designated by the company for consumer protection
    5. When a member requests for a refund within 7 days of his payment for a premium service.
  d. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 8 Paragraph C, the Company shall not provide refund or cancellations for any of the following:
    1. Items gifted from other users.
    2. Items rewarded from winning or participating in events.
    3. Credits deposited by the Company for activities within the service.
    4. Other items that the user did not directly pay for.
    5. Items that have expired in accordance with the expiration date.
    6. If the Member is suspended or forcibly expelled from membership due to violation of the Terms of Use and service policies.
    7. If the end user license agreement is terminated due to the Member's voluntary termination of membership.

Article 9 The company's obligation
  a. The company is committed to the continuous and reliable service
  b. The company has an obligation to proceed with legal process for forced withdrawal actions to the members who breached the terms, policy and internal regulations. 
  c. The company must protect the personal information which was given by the members in the process of 'sign up' and the additional one generated during the usage following the Law on Promotion of Network Utilization and Protection of Information and other relevant laws.
  d. The employees of the company cannot distribute the personal information in the service except to the members of 'MEEFF'. If someone violates it, it could be the reason of laying off. 
  e. The company sends letters to the members about service contents and guidance on a regular basis. (Bulletin, e-mails etc.)
  f. The company is committed to offer convenience to the users when it comes to contract procedures with its members such as sign, amendment and termination of the contract. 
  g. The company does not check the personal information regarding relationship status, school, and job in the process of 'sign up', but it will take all possible legal action on the member who has suspicious information.

Article 10 The members' obligation
  Members' personal information and profile (photos and keywords, etc.) given during the process of 'sign up' should be true. In addition, changes after a certain period of time must be continuously updated by the member. Disadvantages that can be caused by not diligently fulfilling the duties is a member's responsibility
    a. Personal information entered directly by the member should be true and if false information causes damage to others, the person will be responsible for any civil and criminal liabilities.
    b. The Company does not guarantee the member's information. Thus, their discretion is advised since they have to be responsible for all the problems occurred during the meeting between members.
    c. Members should always be aware of the contents of the notice in 'MEEFF'. The problem caused by not fulfilling it is attributed to its members.
    d. Members are forbidden from doing things below
      1. Obtaining the member's information fraudulently from 'MEEFF' site.
      2. Making difficult to run the service by hacking the website or application ( ex. Hacking or distributing virus, D-Dos attack )
      3. Stealing someone else's social security number, or membership account and password.
      4. Registering fake personal information or impersonating.
      5. Insulting others or writing & distributing about it.
      6. Posting or distributing the contents that is disturbing public order and traditional custom.
      7. Selling products or doing commercial activities illegally in the website.
      8. Uploading pornography or videos.
      9. Doing unauthorized capture of profiles and personal information (keywords, pictures, names, contact numbers, etc.) or leaking them to be published outside.
      10. Interfering with the service by spreading false information about 'MEEFF' or other ways
      11. Doing illegal action using 'MEEFF' service. 
      The members who violate the statement in section d can be forced to leave and will be responsible for civil or criminal cases.
    e. 'MEEFF' membership is not allowed to be transferred to others and sold
    f. The membership will be deprived without any warning if there is any violation of these terms or other Korean laws and regulations. The company will not compensate the member on this.

Article 11 Termination of the contract
  'MEEFF' acknowledges the following conditions as the contract termination.
    a. Withdrawal request by the member in the website.
    b. The members who do not fulfill the obligation seriously or act contrary to the requirements set forth in the terms can be forced to leave without prior notice.
    c. If it is difficult situation to maintain ongoing membership contract, the account can be terminated. (eg. death or missing of the members, dormant members without any activities during a certain period of time etc.)
    d. The account which can classified in the cases of Article 5. Section d can be deleted.

Article 12 Escape clause
  a. The Company may change the service in the needs of operational or technical. Prior notice about contents of new service and due date will be posted in website or sent to the members via e-mail. However, the cases that cannot be predictable such as critical bug, flaws of server, and sudden security problems can be noticed afterwards.
  b. The company can limit or shut down the service if it is the below cases
    1. If there is unavoidable reason such as wars, natural disasters, or state of emergency.
    2. If there are difficulties to use the service because of blackout, malfunction of hardware or too much of concurrent users.
    3. If there is maintenance job on the service.
    4. If the service cannot function well with other reasons.
  c. The company can stop providing service with 30 days of notice if it is necessary for reorganization or operating issues.
  d. The company is not responsible for the disconnection with the service caused by internet connection provider.
  e. The company does not take responsibility for the service disability due to reasons attributable to the member
  f. Disadvantages from not acknowledging the contents of service is not company's responsibility
  g. The company is exempted from responsibility for the moral and material damages caused by incorrect profile information if it does not post any separate confirmation about it.
  h. The copyright to the articles in the board of the service belongs to the person who posted them, and they are fully responsible for any civil and criminal liabilities of the articles such as defamation of others or copyright violations.
  i. The company is exempted from responsibility for the discontinuance of the service when it happens because of necessary maintenance issues.
  j. If the members neglect the duty to check the notices of website, the problem caused by it is the person's responsibility.
  k. The company does not guarantee the identity of members. Furthermore, the members should be responsible for their own action if it caused any spiritual and material damages to other members.
  l. The company does not have any control of the third party's site that is connected with any kinds of link of our website such as banner ads. Members should follow their own policy instead of ours, and hold responsibility for any liability from it.
  m. The company will not be held responsible for damages caused by the member's violation of the provisions of this agreement
  n. The company is exempted from the responsibility for all the issues regarding the public data opened by the members.
  o. If the members sell or transfer the membership to others without any consent from the company, it can be terminated and there could be civil and criminal suits following as well. In addition, the member should hold responsibility for any damages regarding the process.
  p. Members should hold responsibility for the losses occurred by not getting notification because their IDs were out of date e-mail addresses or wrong ones.
  q. Members should hold their own responsibility for the matters between themselves in the outside of online world. Thus, offline meeting or contact should be decided carefully.

Supplementary provision
1. These are effective from July 5th, 2016.

Terms of Location Based Service

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Provision 1 (Purpose) The purpose of these terms is to define rights, obligations, and responsibilities between the members (people who agree to the terms, and called as 'Members' in the below) and the Noyesrun Inc. ( the Company ).  

Provision 2 ( Effects and Changes in the Terms and Conditions )
  1) This agreement will be effective when the company register the members who request the service or agree on the terms as users.
  2) If the member click "Agree" button after reading the terms, it is meaning that they fully understand what they say and also agree on them.
  3) The company is able to amend the terms following the Act on the protection and use of location information, the Contents Industry Promotion Act, the Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, and the Law on Basic Law for the regulation of consumer agreement.
  4) If the company amends the agreement, it should give 10 day notification with attaching old version including effective date and the reason. However, if the amendment is against the members' favor, 30 day notification should be posted in the website and the amended terms should be sent out to the members via e-mail or SMS.
  5) When the cases in 4) happen, no refusal or complaints coming from the users for 7 days after the posting will be recognized as an approval from them. In addition, if the member does not agree on this, the company can terminate the contract. 

Provision 3 (The application of relevant laws and regulations) This Agreement shall apply the process in accordance with the principle of good faith. The matters not specified in it will follow the applicable laws and regulations or commercial practices. 

Provision 4 (Contents of Service) The service provided by the Company is in the below table
Name of Service             Contents of Service
MEEFF                       o Searching Foreigners nearby
                            o Matching system by languages and nationalities
                            o Chatting

Provision 5 (Service fee)
  1) The service is basically free. However, in the case of charged service of separated menu can be used after paying the indicated price in it.
  2) The company can charge the members with summing bills established by the way of electronic payment companies that are connected to it or by its own way.
  3) Cancellation and Refund of the charged service is subject to the terms and conditions of such laws.
  4) Refund request of the suspected fraud payment and request of payer's personal information might be refused unless it is prescribed by law
  5) Data communication fee generated when the members use the service is subject to the policies of each carrier company.
  6) Charges incurred by posting though MMS is subject to the Carrier policy

Provision 6 (Notification of Service changes)
  1) When the company changes or terminates the service, the company can notice it via email to the registered email address.
  2) Regarding the notification in 1), the company also can post it to the website.

Provision 7(Limit and Termination of the service)
  1) The company may limit or stop the service of the member, in the event of the below reasons.
    1. If the members intentionally interfere with the operation or are guilty of gross negligence.
    2. If there are the cases of unavoidable matters such as inspection equipment or repairing the site.
    3. If the carrier companies assigned by the Telecommunications Business Act stop the service.
    4. If the members have difficulty using the service by the state of national emergency, equipment failure or congestion of users
    5. If the company cannot maintain proper service by other serial reasons. 
  2) The company has responsibility to inform the members the fact that it stops or limit the service because of the reasons in clause 1)

Provision 8 (Using or providing personal location information)
  1) If the company wants to provide the service using personal location information, it should obtain the consent from the users after specifying the terms in the agreement.
  2) When the users or their legal representatives file a suit, the district court nearby registered address of the users has the jurisdiction, and if the member does not register the information, the court nearby the residence of them will be in charge. In the case of foreign resident or the users who do not have clear residence information, they should file a suit in a court assigned by the Civil Proceedings Act.
  3) The company should automatically preserve the data regarding the use of personal location information or history records of providing it to confirm the billing process and deal with complaints from the users or other related companies. In addition, the data should be maintained for 1 year.
  4) When the company provides the personal location based information to the third party assigned by the member, it should notice the 3rd party's information and dates or purpose of the use right away through the terminal device where you collect the information. However, in cases under subparagraphs, notification will be made through the terminal devices assigned by the members in advance or through the email.
    1. The communication terminal which collected the personal location based information does not have receiving function of text or video.
    2. If the member has requested to be notified in advance by such a method of online publishing.
  5) The purpose of providing location based information is exposing other side of members' location and "those who are provided" means the users when they receive the location information following the certain query's results.

Provision 9(Personal rights of the location based information)
  1) The members can partially or fully withdraw the consent of providing the location information for using the location based service at any time.  In this case, the company will destroy all the collected location based data. 
  2) The members can request temporary suspension of collecting, and using personal location data, or providing them, which cannot be refused by the company. It should have technical method to do it as well.
  3) The members can request a viewing or notices of following material below and if there is an error in the relevant data, they can claim the correction. In this case, the company cannot refuse it without valid reason.
    1. History of collecting, using, and providing personal location information
    2. The reason why the members' location information is provided to the 3rd party and the history of it by the law or other legal provisions regarding the protection and use of their personal location information.
  4) The members can request the rights of clauses 1 or 3 following a predetermined procedure of the company.

Provision 10 (Rights of legal representatives)
  1) In case of the members who are less than 14 years old, the company should receive the consent form of location based service and providing collected location data to 3rd party from both of the members and legal representatives who have all the rights of membership indicated in Provision 9.
  2) If the company wants to use the collected location data of the members under age of 14 more than what is stated in this agreement, approval process should include legal representatives as well. Exceptions are as follow.
    1. When they are necessary for the service fee calculation.
    2. For the statistical research or study only when they are processed as anonymous.

Provision 11 (Rights of legal representatives of those under age of 8)
  1) The company considers the guardian's consent of using personal location information as the consent of members themselves when it is necessary for protecting the members described in the below.
    1. Children under age of 8
    2. The incompetent
    3. The members who have mental disabilities by the definition in Disabled Welfare Act Chapter 2, paragraph 2, 2nd arc in the severe extent under what Provisions of facilitating the disabled Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation describes. (People who are registered as the disabled following the Disabled Welfare Law Article 29)
  2) For getting guardians' rights described in paragraph 1), they should file the consent form with written documents of proving their identity as the representatives.
  3) The guardians have same rights as the members have regarding personal location information.

Provision 12 (designation of location information officer)
  1) The company should assign the proper person who can hold responsibility and deal with the complaints as the location information officer. 
  2) The officer is the head of the department of providing location based service, and details are stated in the addendum of this agreement

Provision 13 (Compensation for damages)
  1) If the company incurred damages to the members violating Article 15 to Article 26 provisions regarding the law of protection and use of location information, the members can claim damages against the company. The company cannot be exempted if they fail to demonstrate their innocence.
  2) If the members incurred damages to the company violating provisions of this agreement, the company can claim damages against the members. The member cannot be exempted if they fail to demonstrate their innocence.

Provision 14 (Escape clause)
  1) The company does not hold responsibility for any damages of the members caused by below cases.
    1. If there is natural disaster or etc.
    2. If there is deliberate interruption from 3rd parties who have signed partnership agreement with the company for providing the service
    3. If the failure of the service is attributable to the members
    4. Other cases without the company's fault
  2) The accuracy of data collected from the members cannot be guaranteed by the company, and it will not be liable for the damages incurred because of it.

Provision 15 (Application of the provisions)
  1) This agreement is following the laws of Republic of Korea.
  2) For matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions will follow the relevant laws, regulations and business practices.

Provision 16 (Adjustment of disputes and others)
  1) The company can file a complaint to the Korean Communications Commission by the article 28 of the law regarding protection of private location information when the disputes related to the matters cannot be resolved.
  2) If the company or the users cannot be settled on the disputes related to the location information, the party can apply the adjustments to the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee according to the provisions of the Privacy Act 43

Provision 17 (Contact info of the company) The company's information is as below.
  1. Company name : Noyesrun Inc.
  2. CEO : Hongsuk Oh
  3. Address : Jungbong ro 1-1, 301-1001, Gimpo - si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  4. Contact info : admin@meeff.com

Chapter 2 Supplementary provision

Provision 1 (Effective date) This agreement will be effective from August 5th, 2015.

Provision 2 Location information management officer is assigned as follows from August 2015.
  1. Department : Location information management division.
  2. Contact info : admin@meeff.com

Private Policy

We, Noyesrun Inc. ("Company," "we," "us," or "our") comply with applicable laws or legal obligations to fulfill our commitment to respecting and protecting your privacy. Our Private Policy explains: 
  1. Types of information we collect
  2. Purpose of collection and use
  3. How we collect your personal information
  4. Where your information is transmitted and stored
  5. Use and retention period
  6. Process of suspending your personal information
  7. Process and the way of discarding your personal information.
  8. For accurate personal information
  9. Temporary service interruption for personal information protection. 
  10. Personal information we share with the third parties
  11. Confidentiality of personal information
  12. Personal information of unrecognized user and complaints
  13. Limited authority of personal information manager
  14. Rights of legal representative
  15. For any inquiries 

1. Types of information we collect
  a. Items collected
    - Required items: e-mail address, passcode, name, gender, date of birth, nationality, native language and language of interest are collected on condition of your agreement. 
    - Optional items: user-generated content (About me, My photos) is collected on condition of your agreement. 
    - Religion, military service, annual income, vehicle, residence type, height, weight, blood type, smoking, drinking, marital status and others can be collected through survey on condition of your agreement for additional service.
    On condition of your agreement, items below can also be collected lawfully to provide stable service 
      1) Records on service visits, etc
      2) Payment with your credit card: card type, credit card number, etc
      3) Payment with your mobile phone: mobile phone number, carrier, confirmation number, etc
      4) Payment with your bank account: bank name, account number, etc
      5) Payment with gift card: gift card number, etc
  b. How we collect your information
    - How we collect your information is as follows
    - Website, mobile app, written form, fax, telephone, email, bulletin board and promotional events
    - Alliance and cooperation with partner companies

2. Purpose of collection and use
  a. Fulfillment of contract on service offering and settlement of service using fee
    - to provide contents and customized service, to verify identity, to provide payment system and to collect charges  
  b. Member management
    - to verify identity, to distinguish members, to detect and deter unauthorized or fraudulent use of or abuse of the service, to confirm sign-up, to restrict number of times one can sign up, to provide archives for dispute resolution, to deal with complaints and to deliver notices 
  c. New service development, marketing and advertisement
    - to develop new service, to provide customized service, to provide service and advertisement in accordance with the statistical characteristics, to give information about advertisement and promotional events, to give opportunities to take part in events, to check the frequency of log-in, to aggregate statistical data regarding the service and to measure the effectiveness of the service.

3. How we collect your personal information
  To offer you our service, we need your personal information and this is collected only if you agree to it when you sign up

4. Where your information is transmitted and stored
  Your information is not transmitted without your consent, but we may entrust a third party with the handling of your personal information when necessary for seamless provision of the services.
    a. We will notify you in advance, when we entrust a third party with the handling of your personal information
    b. When we entrust a third party with the handling of your personal information, we strictly define evaluate the partner service providers and agents, and we make every effort to ensure that they have established appropriate and secure information administration and organizational control systems. We also require that they access your personal information only the extent necessary to perform tasks on our behalf.
  Currently, we entrust a third party with the handling of your personal information only if you agree to it beforehand. 
Service provider                Purpose                             Term of retention or use
NICE Investors Service          Verify identity                     Collect information 
Amazon.com, Inc.                Save account information            Until you unregister from the Services or the delegation agreement with the service provider is terminated
(Server location: Tokyo, Japan)

5. Use and retention period
  When service period ends or one asks for personal information deleted via email or in writing for reasons such as cancellation of contract, third party can't open nor use your information and your information is kept for the period specified by it under the 'Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc' 'Article 6 (retention of transaction records, etc.)
    a. Records on contracts and withdrawal of offers, etc: 5 years
    b. Records on payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years
    c. Records on customer complaints and resolution of disputes: 3 years

6. Process of suspending your personal information
  According to 'Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection', your personal information will be placed in a separate database if you don't use our service for 1 year, and related services including email or SMS may be suspended until you revisit to activate your account, and your points may become extinct. Your personal information will be completely deleted after the certain period of time stipulated under the applicable laws and regulations.

7. Process and the way of discarding your personal information.
  Your personal information will be discarded without delay after fulfilling the purpose of collection and use. The process of discarding your information is as follows.
    a. Process
      - After fulfilling the purpose of collection and use of your personal information, your personal information will be placed in a separate database (or a filing cabinet in case of paper records) and retained for a certain period of time stipulated under the applicable laws and regulations before being discarded. 
      - Such personal information will not be used for any purpose other than retention, unless it's permitted under applicable law 
    b. How we discard your information
      - Paper records will be either shredded or incinerated
      - Electronic records will be discarded in an irreversible manner using technical methods.

8. For accurate personal information
  We induce you to renew your information so that your information is up to date. About some information, we do our regular check-up. Inaccurate information can cause inconvenience in using our service, therefore, we may discard inaccurate personal information.

9. Temporary service interruption for personal information protection. 
  We do our best to provide secure service to our customer. However, we may have temporary service interruption for personal information protection until the problem is completely solved.

10. Personal information we share with the third parties
  According to 'Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection' Article 24 Clause 2, we do not overuse nor provide your information to the third parties unless we have your consent to do so or we are permitted under applicable laws.
  Also according to 'Personal Information Protection Law' Article 59, one who handles or handled your personal information shall not do the act of following
    a. Obtaining personal information or consent to use personal information through fraudulent or other illegal means
    b. Revealing or offering your information to someone else without duly authority
    c. Damage, lose, change, counterfeit personal information without or beyond the permitted authority

11. Confidentiality of personal information
  We do not disclose your personal information to the third parties without your consent to maintain confidentiality.  In addition, even if you were to accept, we do not give your information to one who can disclose your information through a third party. We do not provide your information to the various government agencies when their request is unilateral. We only provide your information when their request is fully in accordance with the laws. We do not use your information other than to give service we decided to offer. When we need more information to provide you better service, we use your information after your consent. 

12. Personal information of unrecognized user and complaints
  We have assigned manager who deals with information of unrecognized user and complaints to respond to the complaints consistently and quickly.  

13. Limited authority of personal information manager
  We authorize the right to handle personal information to a few staff members. We give personal ID and password to those staffs and change their ID and password often to do our best in protecting the privacy of user

14. Rights of legal representative
  - Members and legal representatives can view or edit your personal information at any time and can request unsubscription.
  - In order to track or change personal information, you can use 'personal information change' ('edit profile'). For cancellation of sign-up (withdrawal of consent), you can terminate the contract with "leave"
  - Or contact us (customer service or privacy officer) in writing, by phone or by e-mail. We will deal with your request without delay
  - If you request a correction of personal information errors, we do not use or give your personal information until the correction is completed. In addition, if your incorrect information is already provided to a third party, we will notify the results of correction without delay to a third party.
  - The company will take care of your deleted (by you or legal representatives) information in accordance with "5. Use and retention period" so that your information is not read or used for other purposes

15. For any inquiries 
  If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions regarding the protection of personal information please contact our personal information protection manager. 
  We will use our best efforts to provide you with a timely and satisfactory response. 
    Personal information protection manager 
    Name: Hongsuk Oh 
    Title: CEO 
    E-mail address: admin@meeff.com
  For more information or report, please contact the following institutions.
    - KISA (privacy.kisa.or.kr / 118)
    - ePRIVACY (www.eprivacy.or.kr / 02-580-0533~4)
    - Supreme Prosecutors' Office (www.spo.go.kr / 02-3480-2000)
    - National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (www.ctrc.go.kr / 02-392-0330)

Additional clause
1. Date of Implementation: August 17th, 2015